Students at FishHawk Creek Elementary can now enjoy a new play path.

By Kye Saunders

Thanks to a generous sponsor and a bright idea, students at FishHawk Creek Elementary have an opportunity to enjoy a different type of outdoor play this month. The school recently added a brand-new play path with help from Elite FishHawk Painting.

After receiving the grant money needed to take the idea of having a play path for the students to use to reality, FishHawk Creek’s Carmela Maria Pizzichetti got right to work.

FishHawk Creek Elementary’s students can enjoy different activities such as a leapfrog path and color coded patterns. Even a bear is incorporated in the fun and playful design.

“A lot of students need five or 10 mins out the classrooms,” said Pizzichetti. “We find that a little physical activity is really helpful, especially for those children [needing] the extra time [for] wiggle time. Originally, we let students go up and down the stairs or walk around, but we knew that they needed variety and more stimulus. Each child needs something different and the activity path provides that.”

Pizzichetti had the paint, the materials and the funds. All that was left was one last step: putting it all together.

That’s when FishHawk Creek Elementary parent Chris Garett stepped up to the plate.

As the owner of Elite FishHawk Painting and a father of three former FishHawk Creek Falcons, Garett and his team were able to complete the entire project in one day, entirely pro bono.

“We are so grateful for what Elite FishHawk Painting did for us. It made all the difference,” said Pizzichetti.“This play path is special because it is not only beneficial for every one of our students but even more so for our students who need that extra wiggle time to make their day better and brighter.”

This play path provides students the chance to get out of the classroom and get their energy out.

The interesting and challenging activities included in the play path are designed to have playing act as a reward for the students’ hard work as well as be a chance to reset students’ attention and energy.

Both students and teachers of FishHawk Creek Elementary are in agreement: the play path has changed the Falcons’ school days for the better.

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