Do you get to the course early and get warmed up before your round? In reality, the proper procedure for the day you play should start when your alarm clock goes off. Every day should start with some sort of stretching. Flexibility is paramount for a good golf swing. Proper leg, back and arm stretching is important.

Plan to get to the course at least 30 minutes early and work through a routine. Start with grabbing two wedges and take slow swings while holding both clubs. This is the same concept as putting a donut weight on a baseball bat before you get up to the plate. The extra weight of the two clubs not only makes it easier when you go to swing just one club, but it also causes you to overswing, in turn stretching out your back. Proper leg and torso stretching is a must since most of your power comes from your core.

After your stretching at the course, you want to warm up your swing. You want to use your time on the range to evaluate your swing that day and make small tweeks, not broad swing changes. Always start with a wedge and a half swing and work your way up to your driver, not hitting more than a dozen balls at the most for each club. Finish your range warm up by hitting the shot you will be hitting off the first tee.

At Summerfield, the first hole is a short par 4 and many golfers will hit a 3-wood off the tee, so I would hit that 3-wood last during your warm up. Don’t forget to leave yourself at least five minutes to practice putting before you tee off. It is important to become aware of the green speed and work on distances of 5, 10 and 15 feet to get the feel you need before heading out.

A good warm up will set you and your body up for an enjoyable round and scores you will be happy with.

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Jason Blanchard, General Manager, Summerfield Crossings Golf Club

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