This is an awesome story about the band named Siren!!!, a Brandon-based musical group that goes back to the early 80’s and the incredible journey they have had returning to the band and music etc.

From the drummer Ed that we will interview—In the 80’s, Brandon had a very strong music scene based around heavy metal. My band, Siren, was one of the few bands from the area to actually get as far as being signed to a label and recording two albums before disbanding by the end of the decade. And that was where we thought the story ended. However, 30 years later, through a series of random events, we were unexpectedly asked to reunite to perform at a large festival in Germany where we discovered that we apparently had a large following.

The band hadn’t done ANYTHING in those three decades. Personally, I’ve been a father and IT professional during that time. So it was an unbelievable proposition and an opportunity that we couldn’t pass up. The story of all this happening was captured in a documentary film produced by Chris Jericho entitled “I’m Too Old for This Sh*t! A Heavy Metal Fairy Tale” which has just been released on streaming platforms such as Amazon Prime, iTunes, VUDU, Frontier, Sling, etc.

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