Owner Patrick Strickland presenting some of the huge harvests this season.

By Hayley Fedor

Not just your average farm; Stalk & Vine on 39 makes providing the community with all-natural, chemical and preservative-free produce its priority. Situated on a 10-acre, biointensive farm, Stalk & Vine on 39 is able to grow crops in a more condensed space which allows for larger harvests in the long run.

The farm is owned and operated by Patrick Strickland, who is no stranger to the farming game given that his family are some of the biggest watermelon growers in the nation.

“We saw here, in the FishHawk area, the demand was so high for quality fruits and vegetables,” said Strickland, and as a result, in 2019, he and his family decided to start expanding their small home gardening project into a full-fledged farm to serve the community.

One of the unique features of the farm is that it is a community-supported agriculture program which allows individuals in the community to become members of the farm and in turn receive a different box of vegetables every week for a small weekly fee. The boxes are able to be delivered straight from the farm to the member’s table or are available to be picked up on the property during the season.

“They can come see where their food comes from, they see how it’s grown, they know where it is and it’s coming directly to their house,” said Strickland.

As a veteran with a big heart for helping others, Strickland said, “giving back and being able to make a living by giving people something that is very beneficial” is a significant motivator for the work put into the farm. In addition, Stalk & Vine on 39 often donates a portion of its harvest to local food banks.

Currently, there is an abundance of different produce in season at the farm, ranging from romaine lettuce and kale to broccoli and bok choy, all of which are free of toxic chemicals and additives.

During the growing season, the Stricklands plan to open Stalk & Vine on 39, located at 14923 S. County Rd. 39 in Lithia, twice a month, every other Saturday, for the community to visit and purchase the products.

To find out more about the farm and the different ways to get involved, visit https://www.facebook.com/Stalk-Vine-on-39-102846614740150.

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