Master Deputy Heaverin, shocked at the support from the families of Rodgers Middle School.

By Samantha Trezevant

Many families, especially those with children, struggle to have a meal ready to eat at all times. Master Deputy Jaime Heaverin noticed that this was a huge issue in the school where she worked, so she decided to do something about it.

For 12 years, Heaverin has been serving as a school resource officer. She has been at her current school, Rodgers Middle School, for six years. As her time as a school resource officer comes to an end, she decided to leave a legacy and start a food drive for the students that need help.

The idea for this came from an experience Heaverin had at the school where a pair of sisters reported that they were hungry. Heaverin instantly felt grateful for what she has and began to bring food to school to help the sisters. It started with a goal to feed them over the week of spring break, but then the demand became greater.

Students from all over the school began to come to Heaverin, reporting that they did not have enough food to eat either at home or at school. As this situation became more urgent, Heaverin continued to stock her office full of food for the students. One shelf turned into six shelves, her office turned into a pantry, and the pantry became an incentive to create a food drive for students from all over.

Heaverin was amazed by the support she received from the families at Rodgers Middle School. With everyone’s help, they were able to collect 160 boxes of food for children in need. This food will be going to the organizations Seeds of Hope and Forgotten Angels.

The success of the drive meant a lot to Heaverin.

“I always strived to show communities that we’re not all bad and we are very important, especially in schools,” she said, referring to the police agency.

Heaverin has served her time as a resource officer and will be moving into the training department. Her passion for her line of work was clear, as she has left an amazing legacy that will hopefully continue to stand in the years to come.

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