Aniyah and Elicia Jackson are the ‘queens’ of Young Queens Baking.

By Samantha Trezevant

Most young people prefer to spend their time playing with toys or dressing up, but two Riverview sisters have different goals. These girls, the Young Queens Baking, have a whole business to take care of.

Over quarantine, many people were left with a lot of time, but not a lot of things to do. This had the Jackson family, particularly the two sisters Elicia and Aniyah, thinking about ways to occupy their time. On a car drive, the two were talking about some backing shows that they were interested in watching, and that’s when the ideas sparked in their father’s head.

“That’s it, we’re going to start a baking business,” he said.

At that point, they had spent a lot of time baking and watching shows, but never considered starting a business. The family was quick to embark on their new journey. That very next day, the dad of the family created a logo for the business they named Young Queens Baking, and they started baking and selling a week later.

These sisters, who are patients at Hess Orthodontics, have big goals for themselves. Their main mission is to create a legacy for their family. Next, they aspire to create a stream of income that allows them to help others and grow a college fund. Finally, they want to create a culture of entrepreneurship for the entire family.

These sisters have definitely started to conquer these goals as their sales have already exceeded their own expectations. With that, they have had many recurring customers who have clearly been satisfied with the products. They have been invited to many pop-up shops, and even the 2021 Black History Makers Market.

Young Queens Baking sells fresh, homemade, gourmet cookies and treats. The menu is constantly growing and evolving, so check it out on Facebook and Instagram to see what it’s offering.

You can reach it by emailing, and its social media handle is Youngqueensbaking. A website to order from is in the works and is expected to arrive by summer.

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