Image360 Tampa-Ybor City can help your business or organization deliver a message to where the people are with LED mobile advertising.

By Brad Stager

Letting customers know what a business can do for them calls for well-designed and optimally displayed graphics that communicate information, promote ideas or even create an atmosphere and sense of place.

Image360 Tampa-Ybor City accomplishes that by developing eye-catching marketing tools that are essential to attracting new customers to businesses.

Products range from banner flags that beckon passersby to drop in to custom displays providing useful information. Signage options can be simple, such as custom awnings, or can be a combination of technology and art to create illuminated marquee signs and one-of-a-kind displays. Turning a car, van, truck or boat into a message-carrying vehicle with artistic wrapping is also a popular service.

The company is a second career for Founder and Chief Executive Officer Bob Burmaster, who turned his graphics hobby into a business after serving as an officer in the United States Army for 22 years. He said Image360’s menu of products and services continues to grow.

“We try to help the local businesses by expanding our offerings; anything from an LED truck to banners. We do color photos, metal prints, wall murals and we can do the artwork ourselves with our in-house designers.”

Flexibility in marketing may be more important than ever and one answer to that need is Image360 Tampa-Ybor City’s fleet of LED mobile billboard trucks that can display up-to-the-minute information about a business, event or even the availability of vaccines in the community.

“Because of the COVID, a lot of companies changed the way they conduct business and changed their operations and locations,” said Burmaster.

“Our LED truck is a very good way for them to get their message out for a change of operations or new product offerings. It’s generally a good way to target your clients to get the word out in a mass format,” he added.

With the capacity to change locations and messaging throughout the day, LED mobile advertising can also focus on specific demographics at scheduled times with selective messages.

The LED mobile billboard trucks have also become popular at private events such as parties, weddings and graduations with aesthetically pleasing displays that celebrate good news with friends, family and neighbors in creative ways.

Image360 Tampa-Ybor City’s office and production center is located in the Ybor City Commerce Center at 3617-A E. 10th Ave. in Tampa. You can learn more by visiting or calling 800-7446.

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