Move! Hillsborough is a new health initiative of the Hillsborough County Parks & Recreation Department that is designed to get residents moving. You can enjoy the great outdoors, have fun exercising and win a prize.

The Hillsborough County Parks & Recreation Department has come up with a new program to get residents moving. Move! Hillsborough offers incentives or prizes for anyone who gets exercising. The program will run through Saturday, July 31.

This is the first year for Move! Hillsborough. It is a new health initiative to get residents exercising and moving. You can bike, hike, walk, kayak, rollerblade or even skip. If you like Zumba or just workout, keep track of it and use the Parks Department’s exercise to miles conversion sheet. Just keep track of your miles, because any time of movement counts.

Residents simply select a goal—100 miles, 300 miles or 500 miles. Keep track of where you go, what you do and your miles until July 31. Once you reach your goal, you win a prize, which includes a keychain for 100 miles, a bandana for 300 miles and a T-shirt for 500 miles. Register for Move! Hillsborough online for free at You must be registered to receive your prize.

Dana McDonald, senior program coordinator for Hillsborough County Parks & Recreation, said, “We wanted to give people a way to get more active and get rewarded for it. We wanted to do something that anyone at any fitness level could do and push themselves to be physically healthier. The activities include anything that people can do anywhere, including in our parks.”

While you are working toward your goal, be sure to post your experience using the hashtag #MoveItHC.

McDonald added, “We want people to know that the Parks Department is fully invested in the health and wellness of our community. We want people to come out and enjoy our parks and programs. This program is a way to encourage people to get active in their favorite ways. You can count the miles you earn while you walk, run, bike, hike, skip or canoe. But the great thing about this program is we have a conversion chart on the website for activities like basketball, pickleball, Zumba and much more. This way all activity counts.”

Remember to get out there and explore too. Hillsborough County is home to numerous Neighborhood Community Parks such as Seffner CommUNITY Park and Garden and FishHawk Sports Complex as well as Conservation Parks such as Alderman’s Ford Conservation Park, Lithia Springs Conservation Park and Apollo Beach Nature Preserve.

Visit and get moving.

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