After 430 long years of captivity, God chose Moses, a fumble-tongued, murderer-turned-nomad, to lead the Israelites from bondage. What was Moses’ reaction?

“Who am I to go?” (Exodus 3:11, CEV). “Please send someone else,” (Exodus 4:13, CEV).

Or in modern vernacular: “Say WHAT? No way! You’ve gotta find somebody else, Lord; I’m the wrong person for this job!”

There it is—the Moses Mantra: I am SO not qualified!

I, too, claimed the Moses Mantra when Papa God first called me to write 15 years and 30-plus books ago. “Me—write books? Nuh-uh. W-a-y out of my comfort zone; I haven’t written anything deeper than a Christmas newsletter for 30 years. I’m the wrong person for that job, Lord. Find somebody better.”

But now, with over 1.4 million copies of my Too Blessed to be Stressed series sold in multiple languages worldwide, I understand that we don’t have to feel equipped to begin a God assignment; He will equip us.

Hey, if the Almighty calls you to build a shed, He’ll supply the nails.

The Bible is full of people who, by outward appearances, weren’t qualified for the work to which Yahweh called them:

⦁ Saul, a donkey herder, was chosen by God to be the first king of Israel.
⦁ David, a musical shepherd, was called to be the next warrior king.
⦁ Paul, a dreaded vigilante against Christians, was appointed to become the greatest Christian evangelist of all time.
⦁ Rahab, the Gentile prostitute, was handpicked by Jehovah to become an ancestor of Jesus, a Jew.
⦁ Mary was just a teenager when she was entrusted to be the nurturer of God’s own Son.

I suspect each of them hollered the Moses Mantra at the top of their lungs, yet the Almighty provided them with specific skill sets for the work He had designated for them.

Just like He does for you and me today. Our calling might be a surprise to us, but not to Him. We’ve already been chosen.

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