The founding members of the Riverview Republican Club.

Do you want to be a part of change? Do you have a passion for conservative values? If so, the Riverview Republican Club wants you to be a founding member.

Jeff Lukens, a longtime activist for the Republican Party and past president of the Alafia Republican Club, realized the need our growing community has for an organization to bring conservatives together for engagement and education.

“We have a lot of excitement with a lot of people, especially younger people,” said Lukens. “They want to get engaged and do things to create change. Many are frustrated with how the elections turned out last year, and they want to get involved, but they don’t know how.”

He hopes the Riverview Republican Club will help people familiarize themselves with local candidates and office holders so they can be a part of walking precincts, registering voters and manning community events.

Lukens added, “We have to do things as a group if we’re going to be effective. We want to mobilize people in a productive way and take people who are brand-new to political action and prepare them to effect change in the community.”

Each meeting will offer unique, interactive sessions with local candidates and current public servants. And people are showing up. From only a handful of people Lukens shared his idea with, 40 people came to the inaugural meeting, which he called “Amazing.”

On May 25, members heard from two candidates who are new to the political arena. Having never held office and both hoping to create positive changes, Joshua Wostal is running for the District 7 Board of County Commissioners and Alysha ‘Aly Marie’ Legge is running for the District 6 School Board.

Legge, an Army veteran, believes politics have taken too much of a hold on the current board, and in order to make sure all students can succeed, the parents and teachers need a louder voice. Additionally, she wants to ensure transparency and sound financial practices are pillars on which the board stands going forward.

Similarly, Wostal believes that for too long the current county commissioners have played identity politics, all on the community’s dime. A fiscal conservative, he believes less government is more. As he defended the nation in Operation Enduring Freedom, he still has a passion to defend liberty at home. Members left the meeting eager to spread the word and get to work.

All Republicans are welcome to attend. In June, members will hear from Michael Owen, candidate for Hillsborough County Commission District Seat 4, and Mike Beltran, current Florida representative for District 57.

The Riverview Republican Club meets on the last Tuesday of each month in the meeting room of Alley Kat’s Pub & Grill, located at 10221 Big Bend Rd. in Riverview. Social time begins at 6 p.m. and the meetings run from 6:30-8:30 p.m.

For more information, visit Facebook at For information on the candidates who spoke, visit and

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