The average age of the volunteers on the Sun City Center Emergency Squad is 72 years old; they’re still devoted to serving the community.

By Hayley Fedor

When it comes to medical professionals, the volunteers on the Sun City Center Emergency Squad are one of a kind, exhibiting selflessness and reliability along with first-class support and care while following the motto “Neighbors helping neighbors.”

Established in 1964, the Sun City Center Emergency Squad has helped those in need since before many of the major hospitals in the area, like South Bay and Brandon Regional, were even built. As an organization focused first and foremost on providing the highest quality of patient care to the individuals in Sun City Center, the Squad proudly offers aid to those in need, free of charge.

“We are probably the last all-volunteer, all-free basic life support ambulance service in Florida,” said Robin Watt, the Sun City Center Emergency Squad’s assistant chief of public relations and one of the registered EMTs on the Squad.

Throughout the year, the number of volunteers on the Squad ranges from around 300 to 400, none of which ever receive a paycheck. The team consists of supporting roles like dispatchers as well as field roles like EMTs.

“What you’re doing is on someone’s worst day; you are there to support them and help them, whether you are simply picking them up after a fall or taking them to the hospital because they have a broken hip, or whether you’re doing CPR on a patient who’s just had a heart attack,” said Watt.

The generous donations of individuals in the community fund and support the efforts of the Squad. This last year, during the pandemic, the Squad remained open and ready to provide medical assistance to the community at any time.

“When the governor’s executive order allowing EMTs to give the vaccine was signed, the Squad trained our EMT volunteers and gave about 300 vaccines in the community,” said Watt.

In addition, last year, the Squad won the 2020 Volunteer EMS Service of the Year award as recognition of its commitment to the community.

Currently, the team is looking for more volunteers to work in patient contact roles.

The Squad’s main station is located at 720 Ray Watson Dr. in Sun City Center and is available to provide basic life support emergency medical services 24/7.

For more information on the Sun City Center Emergency Squad and how to get involved or give back, visit

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