Customers are welcome to enjoy a cup of coffee alongside a session on how to buy, trade and sell cryptocurrency.

By Lily Belcher

Cryptocurrency has been on the rise for years and has continued to fill headlines as people trade and invest in the new age of digital currency. The growing popularity of cryptocurrency made its way to the conversations of customers at Chill Cawfee, a locally owned coffee shop in Riverview that specializes in CBD coffee.

“We were noticing many of our customers talking about how they invest and saw the opportunity to be able to share knowledge over a cup of coffee,” said Chill Cawfee Marketing and Brand Advisor Thomas Quigley.

In response to their customers’ interest, Chill Cawfee is hosting Crypto and Coffee, a free mentorship over the summer for customers who are looking to learn more about the cryptocurrency market, every Saturday until August 28 from 2-5 p.m.

“[We chose to meet at Chill Cawfee because] it seemed like the perfect place for open-minded discussion,” said Quigley.

The first half-hour of each meeting is an introduction on how to buy, sell and trade cryptocurrency by presenting platform options available to new cryptocurrency traders. Until 3:30 p.m., Alex Gill, who has been actively trading cryptocurrency for 18 months, explains market trends and shares the trading techniques he has learned through his company, Insomniac Investments Co. The rest of the event will be open to questions, discussions, and live trading.

Quigley encourages new traders to familiarize themselves with the basics and terminology of cryptocurrency, but their sessions are amateur-friendly.

While attending a session, which usually sees 10-20 participants each week, guests are also encouraged to enjoy a cup of CBD coffee. Chill Cawfee (Cannabinoids and Wellness for Every Experience) opened in 2019 and offers teas, kombucha and coffee from a local roaster. Part of Chill Cawfee’s business model is ensuring direct relationships with the manufacturers and farms to provide good quality and prices for their customers.

In addition to its in-house drink services, Chill Cawfee provides education on the benefits of CBD and a social environment for like-minded individuals.

For more information on Crypto and Coffee, contact Quigley at or visit Chill Cawfee at 10526 Lake St. Charles Blvd. in Riverview to attend.

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