Hillsborough County’s Mindful Mondays program promotes different ways you can make your mental health a priority but not take up too much of your busy schedule. From chair yoga virtual classes to tips on how to decompress after a long day. There are various interactive resources for you to access no matter what day or time it is.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a massive effect on the residents of Hillsborough County, especially as it relates to their mental health. Hillsborough County understands the needs. They have, as a result, created the Mindful Mondays program.

The Mindful Mondays program was designed to help promote the different ways to make mental health a priority. Why Mondays?

According to Terri Cordova Hewitt, director of Communications for Hillsborough County, “Mondays are stressful—here we go—the start of a new week. We wanted residents to have a nice and peaceful way to start a new week.”

Residents can visit the online Mindful Mondays Mental Health Resources Hub at www.hcflgov.net/mindfulmondays and have access to a variety of free resources to help them find balance in their day to day lives.

Mindful Mondays offers virtual health classes focused on mental health and exercises to reduce stress. There will be short videos to find your moment of zen and relaxing nature tours. Content will also include mental health tips from community partners, along with ways county programs and initiatives can help residents reduce stress.

“You can watch short videos that are relaxing. You can get tips on proper breathing or learn about cooking or new exercises,” explained Hewitt.

“We are thoughtful and mindful about what we offer,” added Hewitt.

By providing the content online, residents can access the program whenever it fits into their schedule.

Content will come from various county programs and community partners. For example read ‘Paws and Relax with a New Pet’ from the Hillsborough County Pet Resource Center or ‘Learn 4 Ways You Can Be an A+ First Teacher For Your Child’ from the National Institute For Early Education Research.

The Mindful Mondays program will be updated on the first of each month. The county wants feedback from residents so that they can provide the content that residents want.

Mindful Mondays was kicked off in May, which was Mental Health Awareness Month. The county plans to offer the program and content throughout the year to support residents in making mental health a priority.

Make your mental health a priority and visit Hillsborough County’s Mindful Mondays program at www.hcflgov.net/mindfulmondays.

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