Norida Pods Co-Founder Fredrik Axelsson stands with his wife, Sandra Sanchez, in front of a prototype do-it-yourself ‘glamping pod.’

We’ve all heard about the tiny home movement, the idea of leaving our glut of ‘stuff’ behind and making life simple by just keeping our essential needs. Now, there is a new do-it-yourself kit for a new kind of tiny house lifestyle that you can build in about 60 hours. The company, a partnership between two entrepreneurs, is reminiscent of an IKEA furniture kit. The small tiny house or ‘glamping pod’ is available in a kit, ready to assemble, and can be delivered within the week.

Currently, the company, called Norida Pods, has a prototype house available for tours right in Plant City and has pods at the ready.

Both Swedish-American partners have a passion for real estate, high-quality construction, creation of passive income and how people live.

“I was born and raised in Sweden and moved to the United States six years ago,” described Co-Founder Fredrik Axelsson. “I have seen big changes in how people want to live, such as work from home, gig economy and even affordable housing. The demand is there and growing, but the supply is lacking behind. Together with my co-founder, Lars Dyrendahl, we aim to fulfill that need and collaborate with counties around the country for best possible solutions. We start with our glamping pods and will grow into tiny houses, ADUs (accessory dwelling units—typically a kitchen or spare room in Europe) and other modular homes.”

Each pod consists of a wooden oval structured ‘house’ made of Scandinavian pine, designed and handcrafted in Europe and shipped to Florida. The package includes the boards, doors, windows and all types of screws needed.

Pricing starts at $8,600 for an 8×10-foot and ranges to $14,900 for a 10×19-foot floor plan. The 10×19 design can include a kitchen area, living space, queen-size bed and bathroom area, plus a small front porch with French doors, double-pane windows and a shingled roof.

The pods are available for immediate delivery to all parts of the country and suitable for campgrounds and parks. They are also great as a home office, guest house, garden shed or art studio. Customers are responsible for checking local zoning regulations/permissions to ensure compliance. For more information, call 561-801-5400, email or visit

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