Stephen Herron, Shane Stults, Brian Porter and Brenda Porter, the owners of Foam Factory.

By Annabelle Caraway

Milestones, accomplishments and more are all causes for celebration. When thinking about a party, the usual comes to mind, balloons, cake and maybe a bouncy house. The Foam Factory is a perfect addition to a celebration list.

Brian Porter and Shane Stults have been best friends for 15 years, including serving in the United States Air Force together. Porter and his wife, Brenda, used to own a gymnastics company years ago and enjoyed seeing the happiness they brought to children.

The Foam Factory currently has three franchises in FishHawk, Orlando and South Carolina.
“We wanted something new that people would be looking for; something new instead of bouncy houses for children’s parties and birthday parties in general. We saw it on the internet and not many people were doing foam parties, so we started doing homework and Shane said he wanted to do it,” said Porter.

The best part is that the party can come to you and doesn’t need a specific location. The foam is created from a special foam gel and water. To disperse the fun at parties, a 6-foot-tall cannon blows the foam in a 40×40-foot area.

While playing in the foam, the Foam Factory plays music to keep the party going.

“The foam isn’t just white. We have blue and red that is almost pink, so we can do gender reveal parties. We also have glow foam for evening parties with strobe lights to add effect,” said Porter.

The Foam Factory is all about bringing smiles and laughter to people through its unique party feature. As a recently opened business, it is hoping to increase its clients and continue being a part of your celebration. For more information, you can visit its website at or for its Facebook page.

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