Joe Bogan working on a new woodworking piece for his relatively new business, Bogan Fine Woodworking, which resides in the Riverview area. (Photo courtesy of Bogan Fine Woodworking.)

By Debra Garcia

Fine woodwork is hard to come by these days. Well, not for long. A little over a year ago, Joe Bogan, a local Riverview veteran, started to use his woodworking skills to benefit the community. This led Bogan into starting his own business called Bogan Fine Woodworking.

It all started with the end of Bogan’s enlistment into the U.S. Marine Corps over 15 years ago, where he learned woodworking techniques. He first started making cutting boards, jewelry boxes and art for experience and donating to charities.

“After making a few cutting boards (about a year ago), I decided to try and sell them … all three boards sold within 24 hours and a demand grew,” said Bogan.

Now, over a year later, Bogan Fine Woodworking is still growing. As of now, Bogan is the owner and only helper at Bogan Fine Woodworking. Though he wants this to grow slowly over time, he likes being the sole woodworker.

“At present, it’s just me … which I like. I’m able to see every board from start to finish, which enables me to QC and ensure every product is 100 percent,” said Bogan.

Bogan is trying his best to reach the largest audience that he can, though this can be challenging for only one man.

“At present, I only use social media and word of mouth from friends and customers. I have a lot of repeat business and recently stood up a Google review page to help ease any future customers’ concerns. I also try to let it be known that for every board/tray I sell, I have one tree planted,” said Bogan.

Bogan promotes his custom-made cutting boards on the Bogan Fine Woodworking website, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google. On Google, there are many wonderful reviews on Bogan Fine Woodworking.

“Incredible craftsmanship and makes for gorgeous, one-of-a-kind gifts. Each product is truly unique and is accompanied by a handwritten note,” said Jodie Grenier.

“Great board for the house, they also make great gifts. The wood quality and craftsmanship is top notch. Also love all the options to personalize the boards,” said Rich Sieboldt.

Visit the Bogan Fine Woodworking website at, Instagram @boganfinewoodworking, Facebook @Boganfinewoodworking, LinkedIn at Joe Bogan and Google reviews for more information.

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