Sean Boynton, founder of Kingdom Comprehensive, is an experienced attorney that represents churches, nonprofits and faith-based organizations.

Churches, ministries, missions and nonprofit organizations may often find themselves needing sound legal advice. The best way to benefit from legal advice is before signing contracts, before hiring or firing staff and before hiring a contractor for repairs, new builds or renovations. Being a church or nonprofit does not provide exemption or protection from lawsuits and liabilities.

Unfortunately, many churches and organizations are just not large enough to seek legal advice on a regular basis, but Kingdom Comprehensive is changing that. The mission of Kingdom Comprehensive is simple: To provide church, ministries and mission organization leaders with the legal and accounting advice needed to smoothly run day-to-day business operations so those leaders can focus on their mission. Now, even very small organizations can get the same advantages as large companies.

Sean Boynton, founder of Kingdom Comprehensive, is an experienced attorney who has been representing nonprofits for nearly 15 years. He also has direct experience running a large multimillion-dollar corporation, and now is turning that experience towards his passion: churches, ministries, missions and other organizations that are focused on advancing the Kingdom of God. He has also teamed up with other industry experts in accounting, leadership and other aspects of the church that are vital.

Boynton was originally from Clearwater and returned to settle in Apollo Beach in 2008 after retiring as an officer in the Marine Corps. Both Boynton and his wife are active members of The Crossing Church – SouthShore Campus.

“With my heart for the church, it just naturally flowed to focus my attention, experience and efforts on advancing the Kingdom of God,” said Boynton. “I have helped churches on and off the entire time I have been practicing [law]. I left the law firm world and started my own practice at the beginning of July 2021—focusing solely on churches, ministries, missions and other Kingdom-focused efforts, like Christian artists, Christian scholarships, etc.”

Many people may want to know what the best way is to protect the organization.

“That answer is pretty easy,” said Boynton. “Get me involved early—before the contract is signed, before the employee is hired or fired, before the contractor is engaged. I can discuss different corporate structures; investments to help offset dips in donations; accounting strategies to reduce taxes; updated governing documents, policies, procedures and insurance strategies—there are truly so many ways I can help, and most of them are well before someone thinks they ‘need’ a lawyer.”

What sets Boynton apart is his love of helping churches, ministries and missions do the ‘business’ aspect so the leaders of those organizations can focus on their people.

“I enjoy smoothing out the bumps of having to run an organization and helping protect them from the legal potholes that everyone faces,” said Boynton. “I started Kingdom Comprehensive to provide legal advice to Kingdom organizations and Kingdom-focused artists, businesses, but that advice will always be prayerful and biblically sound, never compromising Christian values for any client, issue or opportunity.”

You can contact Boynton for a no-charge consultation at 317-8987. For more information, visit or follow on Facebook @kingdomcomprehensive.

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