Hallock’s Hitting Garage (HHG) Jr. Hitting Instructor Sophia Hallock and Lead Hitting Instructor Matt Hallock with a student at a free HHG hitting camp in Riverview on August 17.

For anyone with kids who want to improve their hitting skills in baseball, a local resident can provide just what they need in person or even virtually. Matt Hallock, owner and lead hitting instructor of Hallock’s Hitting Garage (HHG LLC) in Riverview, has been a resident of Riverview for nearly 18 years and is Riverview High School’s assistant hitting coach. His daughter, Sophia Hallock, is HHG LLC’s Jr. softball hitting instructor.

Matt played collegiate baseball in New York, is in his college’s athletic hall of fame and played professional and independent baseball in Indiana after college. All of that was only possible thanks to many people helping him along the way, so he wants to give back by helping kids with their hitting skills. From this wish, HHG was born, providing hitting instruction to youth in our local area as well as his old hometown in Colonie and the Capital Region in New York.

“We provide in-person hitting instruction, virtual hitting instruction, swing analysis, individualized drill videos, recruiting consultation, hitting camps and fun,” said Matt.

Due to the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic last year, Matt is offering virtual hitting instruction, which is done through WIN Reality. This virtual reality system, which replicates live pitching, helps students with better training for plate discipline, accelerated development, increased winning percentage at the plate, total preparation for games and more.

Community involvement, volunteerism and philanthropy are all pillars of HHG. One of the ways it gives back is donating proceeds to good causes or institutions, such as hand-delivering “a cash donation to the Bernard and … Millie Duker Children’s Hospital in Albany as well as donate food on behalf of Colonie LL girls softball to the Mohawk Valley Humane Society,” Matt said in an email.

He also offers hitting camps for kids in Hillsborough County, some being free even, so make sure to follow the HHG Facebook page to keep up to date on the camps. What’s more, Matt plans on investing his own company’s money into fixing up some baseball fields that fell into disrepair so kids can use them.

For more information or to contact HHG LLC about hitting instructions, visit its Facebook page @HHGRiverview or Instagram page @hhg_florida, call/text 391-1687 or email hhgriverview@gmail.com. You can also visit the HHG YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/channel/UC6Hgn9Xpo8XNtzN5Xd2lO7g, where Matt provides drills, hitting videos, mental approaches, game readiness and more.

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