Valrico resident Steve Altier is a paranormal, mystery and suspense writer. He has released his seventh book, The Ghost Hunter. Altier is best known for his award-winning series, The Lizardville Ghost Stories. He also has a family-friendly middle grade series known as the Gabby and Maddox Adventures series. He is currently working on a new book for this series.

Local author Steve Altier has written and released his seventh book, The Ghost Hunter. This book is inspired by Altier’s Lizardville Ghost Story miniseries. Altier lives in Valrico.

He said, “This is a fun-filled adventure about a 16-year-old boy who is facing his worst fear: college. The story has a touch of paranormal mystery and lots of suspense.”

Altier explained the inspiration for the book: “The boys in the Lizardville Ghost Story miniseries stumbled upon two books in the library written by an author named Gerald Dupickle. The Ghost Hunter takes place in the late 1960s and is Gerald Dupickle’s story.”

The Ghost Hunter is based on awkward and shy Gerald, who desperately wants to be part of the popular crowd. This is something he could not accomplish in high school. Gerald does his best to avoid the campus bullies, but after a brief run-in with the boys who wear black, he realizes things are not always what they appear to be. After a ghostly encounter in the library, it is the boys in black who come to his rescue. Fang and his team quickly realize Gerald has a gift—one that attracts ghosts. But what happens when Gerald’s normal becomes paranormal?

Legend has it that a terrifying presence stalks the halls of the Blue Owl Inn, a decaying Victorian mansion. On his first ghost hunt, it is Gerald who draws Lily out of hiding. Mesmerized by the notion that ghosts truly live amongst us, Gerald sets out to do more than just prove that they exist; he wants to help the spirits cross over to the other side. But do the spirits want his help?

The Ghost Hunter is available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon and any online retailer. Hardcovers are $22 and paperbacks are $12. The Kindle version is $3.99, and the book will soon be available on Audible as an audiobook.

Altier recently appeared at the Tampa and Atlanta Comic Cons. He also had a guest appearance at Fanboy Expo in Orlando, where he was a guest speaker.

He will be a featured guest at the Suncoast Fan Fest at the Bradenton Area Convention Center from Friday to Sunday, September 24-26. He will be speaking each day for an hour about the dos and don’ts of publishing.

To learn more about Altier and upcoming events, please visit

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