Positioned is the first book and labor of love published by Kimberley Papa and is now available for purchase on Amazon. Local resident and Osprey Observer writer Tatiana Ortiz is the featured photographer.

Lakewood Ranch resident Kimberley Papa has launched her first book, Positioned, which comprises a fascinating collection of spirit-filled poems, prophecies, prayers and Bible scriptures along with beautiful photographs and pictures.

Papa was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts and moved to Lakewood Ranch 25 years ago, where she currently resides with her family. Her book has been more than two years in the making, and her prayers finally came true this past August when her book, Positioned, was published and made available on Amazon.

“For the past 12 years I have been on the potter’s wheel being molded, sifted, refined and few times back on the wheel for scolding and remolding,” said Papa. “But during it all, with a hungry heart always seeking and longing for my heart to beat at the same rhythm as our Almighty Father, YHWH, as His will is my life’s journey.”

Papa was listening intently with the guidance of the Holy Spirit while writing her book.

“The name Positioned came about by hearing for months in my spirit the word—‘position’—therefore, I have a passion affiliated with the title to lead others on how to position in purity before our Almighty YHWH (God) to hear His voice, to praise and to be set free,” said Papa. “Along with the launching of Positioned, there will be a Positioned in Purity website with specific prayers, mini courses on how to be set free and delivered. Prophecies, all materials, teachings and prayer pamphlets will be free. Along with welcoming others to request prayer, myself and the Positioned Team will be ready to minister and pray. Again, my passion is to see the body set free.”

There is an upcoming book signing in October (exact date to be announced) at Angela’s Pure Salon & Spa in Sarasota. Papa is also available for speaking engagements throughout the area, in person or virtually.

For more information on upcoming events, speaking engagements and more, please visit www.positionedinpurity.com. Positioned can be purchased at www.amazon.com and comes in a Kindle version or paperback with ‘his’ and ‘her’ covers.

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