The new art exhibit on display at Krazy Kup in Plant City features the artwork of students, like Josue Robiero, shown here with his art inspiration, Dr. Roy Yanong. Dr. Roy was among several supporters of Winthrop Arts who were featured in the latest exhibit. The artwork is created in collaboration with Lead Art Instructor Bryant Martinez and the students in the Winthrop Arts Mobile Art Factory.

Winthrop Arts has a new exhibit created by the students who attend the Winthrop Arts Mobile Art Factory on display at Krazy Kup, located at 101 E. J. Arden Mays Blvd. in historic downtown Plant City. The exhibit was created with Lead Art Instructor Bryant Martinez and students from Hispanic Services Council in Plant City.

The theme of the current exhibit is music. Martinez said, “I wanted to do a theme based on music because Krazy Kup offers live music. I wanted to pay homage to Krazy Kup for providing the art space in their courtyard so that the students’ artwork can be shown in public. I also wanted to honor several of our supporters.”

Two of the supporters who are featured in the paintings are Dr. Roy Yanong (Dr. Roy) and Tad Denham. Dr. Roy is a founding board member of Winthrop Arts. Denham, who is retired from TECO, has supported Winthrop Arts since its inception.

Guests, the student artists and their families attended an artists’ reception at Krazy Kup on September 23.

Josue Robiero, age 9, worked on the painting of Dr. Roy and his guitar. Robiero said, “My art looks beautiful, and making it was fun. My family said that they enjoyed seeing my artwork.”

Annabel Saavedra is the community coordinator for Hispanic Services Council in Plant City.

Saavedra said, “The students made some beautiful pieces of art. It is very hard to pick a favorite. It is also hard not to smile when you see the kids’ little faces beam with pride as they admire all the canvases hung up on Krazy Kup’s brick wall. We had the fortune of having families come out to share the special art exhibition.”

Saavedra added, “Krazy Kup’s art wall speaks so much for the livelihood of our community. Every painting is unique with both personality and identity. It is all a mixing pot, reflecting what a community should be at its core—diverse, different backgrounds that blend together and unify to make up, build up and create a connection of people. We hope to continue our great partnership with Winthrop Arts and their Mobile Art Factory.”

The Winthrop Arts Mobile Art Factory is a grant-funded and community-supported outreach program. Grant funding is received from the Arts Council of Hillsborough County and Suncoast Credit Union.

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