O2B Kids is a new preschool that recently joined the Riverview community in early 2021. It is currently looking for teachers and staff to join them at its new location.

For over 23 years, O2B Kids has been a leader in early childhood education. With a loving and talented team of qualified teachers, O2B Kids delivers quality instruction through a state-approved curriculum for infants to kids 5 years of age, or pre-K.

O2B Kids joined the Riverview community in early 2021.

“O2B Kids was founded in Gainesville in 1998 and now has 24 locations across Florida and Georgia and is still growing,” said O2B Kids’ marketing and branding director, April Schroeder. “O2B’s preschool program graduates hundreds of kindergarten-ready children each year. Every O2B Kids location is nationally accredited or in the process of becoming nationally accredited.”

O2B Kids knows local families want their children to be academically ready to succeed in school, socially ready to build great friendships and emotionally ready to face life challenges. These are the reasons it started its innovative, nationally accredited programs over 21 years ago.

“When it comes to early childhood education, we know that kids will learn their ABCs and 123s,” Schroeder said. “Part of that is repetition, consistency and practice, but at O2B Kids, we also teach kids how to think. That sounds fairly simple and easy yet is often taken for granted. Many children do not go to kindergarten ready to make choices and ask critical questions. A part of our curriculum is to teach kids to be inquisitive, leading to question asking that will help them learn. Other key areas for school-ready success are social skills, like learning how to make friends, how to introduce themselves, learning to stand in line, to share and to problem-solve with their peers.”

O2B Kids’ goal is to prepare children for kindergarten. “It’s more than just learning letters, numbers and shapes, but as well as the social, emotional and cognitive skills that they will need to be successful,” Schroeder said.

O2B Kids is thrilled to be a part of the Riverview community.

“We recently joined the Riverview Chamber of Commerce because we feel being connected to the community around us is extremely important,” Schroeder said. “We are currently looking to hire teachers and staff for our new Riverview location.”

To learn more about O2B Kids, visit www.o2bkids.com or call 807-5437. O2B Kids in Riverview is located at 11616 Boyette Rd.

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