Jack Spain in his Eagle Scout uniform for Boy Scout Troop 610 stands near the hammock lounge at Everyday Blessings, Inc.
Ben Spain in his Eagle Scout uniform for Boy Scout Troop 610 stands near the life-size checkerboard.

When 15-year-old twin brothers Jack and Ben Spain learned about an agency in Lithia called Everyday Blessings, Inc. from their mother, Lisa Spain, who discovered it through a fundraiser, the boys felt led to create their Eagle Scout project for Boy Scout Troop 610 there.

Everyday Blessings, Inc. cares for up to 30 children in Lithia while they wait for permanent placement. The children in this program range in age from newborns to 17 years old who have been removed from their previous homes due to neglect, abandonment and abuse.

Jack helped build a hammock lounge with around eight people from the troop, and Ben assisted with constructing a life-size checkerboard with a team of nine people from the troop.

Ben and Jack stated how they felt about being able to participate in this project.

“It made me feel good to give back to these children and see how thankful they were,” Ben said.
“It also made me feel great because I know the children will benefit from the hammocks,” Jack said.

The planning phase of it began at the end of 2020. This project finished over summer.

Prior to the completion of it, Jack and Ben saved up money and paid for the supplies.

“I am overall pleased with how hard they worked planning and implementing their project,” Lisa said. “It was also gratifying to see how happy the children were.”

Kate Mansfield, development director at Everyday Blessings, Inc., shared how the children benefitted from the hammock lounge and life-size checkerboard.

“These projects have provided such wonderful areas for fun, relaxation, socialization and team building for the foster children of Everyday Blessings, Inc.,” Mansfield said. “In addition, we are fortunate to have been blessed by the Spain brothers’ enthusiasm, hard work and dedication toward providing such meaningful spaces on our campus.”

For more information about Everyday Blessings, Inc., visit www.everydayblessingsinc.org. To learn more about Boy Scout Troop 610, visit https://troop610fl.weebly.com.

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