Christian Developer to Create World’s First ‘Video Bible’ App For People With Dyslexia, Literacy Challenges

A new Christian Bible platform is currently developing the world’s first video Bible. The Video Bible was founded by Dave Pillow, who intends to use the audio-visual platform to reach people who have trouble reading a physical Bible and children who are too young to read.

Although no release date has been set, Pillow said that The Video Bible will be available as an app. In the meantime, people can check out The Video Bible on its website and YouTube channel. Some of its content is also featured on the YouVersion Bible app.

The Video Bible is already proving to be valuable for people with dyslexia and other literacy problems and those who simply prefer an audio Bible over a written copy. Nearly 75 million Americans, or 20 percent of the population, struggle with reading, and 35 million have dyslexia. Additionally, 54.1 million senior citizens find it difficult to read, and almost one-third of the nation’s population is limited in their ability to read the Bible. For more information, visit

American Underdog Official Trailer For Movie About The Life Of Christian Celebrity Kurt Warner

The upcoming movie American Underdog is an inspirational film all about the incredible faith of Christian celebrity Kurt Warner. This Christian NFL star fought for years to claim his spotlight. Just when it seemed like he was headed in the right direction, life knocked Warner down again and again. The American Underdog official trailer gives a glimpse into Warner’s struggle to become a professional football player while holding on to his faith.

Then, there’s an inspirational montage. He says, “I know who I am. I know why I’m here.” The text in this part says, “Life made him an underdog. Faith made him a champion.”

The film is meant to show audiences what’s possible when you live your life for God. For more information, visit

Franklin Graham Released From Hospital After Heart Surgery

Franklin Graham, the 69-year-old, notable conservative evangelical leader and son of Billy Graham, was released from the hospital last month, days after undergoing heart surgery. Franklin serves as president of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and Samaritan’s Purse.

Franklin underwent heart surgery at the Mayo Clinic after developing constrictive pericarditis, which is an inflammation and hardening of the sac around the heart. Franklin’s heart condition had developed within the past few months.

Doctors expect a full recovery and assured him that he should be able to return to his normal activity and ministry schedule. Franklin said that he is looking forward to multiple opportunities across the globe in 2022 to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ and invite people to put their faith in Him. For more information, visit

The Chosen Christmas Movie Breaks More Records Even Before Its Release

The world’s number one crowdfunding series, The Chosen, began sales for its Christmas special on the birth of Jesus. It’s the first of the series franchise to go to the big screen nationwide.

Christmas with The Chosen: The Messengers saw $1.5 million in sales in the first 12 hours.
The film was originally slated to premiere in 1,079 theaters but added more than an additional 450 locations and thousands of screens to satisfy demand, and these numbers are anticipated to increase.

Shot entirely in secret, Christmas with The Chosen features actors from The Chosen series, including Austin Reed Alleman (Nathaniel), Giavani Cairo (Thaddeus), Luke Dimyan (Judas) and Lara Silva (Eden).

Details for the opening on December 1 across the nation are at

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