Jason Torres will update and donate Chromebooks to Turkey Creek Elementary students.

By Lily Belcher

At the end of October, Jason Torres, owner of Your Home Tech, started the Chromebook Project, an initiative to give repaired laptops to young students. Torres plans to collect donated Chromebooks and refurbish and update them before giving them to students at Turkey Creek Elementary. He decided to recycle Chromebooks because they demand less power and storage, making them perfect for young students.

“I chose Turkey Creek because my step-father, Henry Velez, works there in the classrooms with the children of migrant families, and it seemed like a great fit,” explained Torres. “These kids need access to computers and hotspots to stay competitive and rise above their circumstances.”

Torres admitted that he started the program as a way to promote Your Home Tech since he is looking for new clients, but he hopes to make a difference by helping students gain access to technology. Torres wants to collect Chromebooks that are in good cosmetic and working condition and fix them up before giving to students. Chromebooks that he cannot clean and update will be used for parts to improve the working ones he will donate.

“If I can get my hands on more machines, I’d like to donate as many as possible, and then help kids in other schools,” said Torres. “It would be amazing if we can get a free Chromebook into the hands of every kid in need.”

Elaine Ward, director of operation for VirtaMed in FishHawk, donated six machines that Torres is working on repairing.

Torres is currently looking for laptops under 10 years old and in good working and cosmetic shape (no cracks or broken screens) from the community. He is also willing to pick up parts, especially batteries, and laptops in worse shape that can be broken down for the parts he needs.

“I genuinely feel like this is an experiment we’re all conducting together, and it would be great if we could make a difference in the lives of a few kids.”

For more information on how to donate, call or text Torres at 438-4115 or email him at tampahometech@gmail.com.

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