Sign Gypsies of Riverview offers some fun and creative signs to let everyone know you’re celebrating something. It has three customized greeting packages.

Did you ever want to surprise a friend or loved one for their birthday or anniversary? What if they had a huge accomplishment in life, like a graduation for medical school or the birth of a child? A yard sign letting the community know that your loved one or friend had something to celebrate would be the way to go.

Sign Gypsies of Riverview offers some fun and creative signs to let everyone know you’re celebrating something.

“Sign Gypsies Riverview offers three customized greeting packages,” said Owner David Lurz. “You may choose our mini, signature or deluxe package for your celebration.”

David and his wife, Louisa Lurz, live in Valrico and have two girls.

“My wife is a kindergarten teacher at Cimino Elementary and has been teaching 26 years,” David said. “I am a proud Air Force veteran and am currently devoting all of my time to growing this business that I am very passionate about.”

The couple bought the business a little over two years ago.

“We bought Sign Gypsies Riverview from a lovely family in FishHawk in February of 2019, so we have been around for a while now,” David said. “It was truly a blessing. Our sign company is different from other sign companies because we were the first one in this area. We are unique because our graphics are different from other companies’ graphics because we have our own designer and printer in our corporate office as well as our own design style. Our signs are different from all the rest, and that’s what sets apart from other sign companies.”

The couple are also strong supporters of keeping things local and giving back to their community.

“We love supporting other local businesses in the area and enjoy bringing smiles to many business owners in the area as well as teachers and students in our local schools,” David said. “We have built many great relationships with schools and the wonderful people that live in this area. We also enjoy donating signs as raffle prizes to different organizations trying to raise money for worthy causes.”

David and his wife love bringing smiles to their customers too.

“What we like most about what we do is how much happiness and joy it brings to people of all ages,” David said. “It fills our hearts with happiness when we hear from our customers that the person receiving the sign literally cried tears of joy or receive videos of children seeing the sign for the first time and are screaming with excitement. It makes all the long hours we put in this business well worth it.”

If you would like to learn more about Sign Gypsies or if you’d like to surprise someone with a yard sign, you can visit Sign Gypsies’ website at or call 530-9618.

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