Bryce Anderson of Brandon loves being able to help local residents in their reptile time of need and supporting local businesses.

Bryce Anderson of Brandon is a college student at Hillsborough Community College currently pursuing a degree in biological sciences. At a young age, his father introduced him to the outdoors, where he became enthralled with the native wildlife of the San Diego region where he grew up.

“One particular class of animals stood out to me the most, and that happened to be the reptiles,” Anderson said. “More specifically, snakes.”

As Anderson grew older, he and his father would head out in the search of snakes and other reptiles.

“This hobby grew more and more as I aged and over the past 10 years or so I have dedicated much of my life to studying the natural history of snakes and other reptiles—and amphibians,” Anderson said. “On top of local ventures, I also enjoy traveling to other countries in the search for new species.”

Around six years ago, Anderson started offering reptile removal and relocation within the Brandon community as a way to help out in a field where he has experience.

“I started off within a small community and eventually began expanding out farther,” Anderson said. “The best thing about my reptile removal and relocation services is that they are completely free of charge. Tips are happily accepted to cover transportation and tools, as I am a college student. I take pleasure in helping out my community and providing a safe and humane alternative to killing snakes. I try to be available as much as possible and I always make relocation calls my number one priority.”

Anderson loves being able to help local residents in their reptile time of need and supporting local businesses. He does this because he’s happy the community supports his small reptile removal services.

“I value getting involved and interacting with my local community as much as possible,” Anderson said. “When possible, I seek out mom-and-pop shops and small businesses to shop at and support.”

If you should ever need a snake or other reptile removed from your home or property, you can contact Anderson by phone at 1-760-908-9938 and by email at

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Libby Hopkins
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