Hillsborough County Public Schools is celebrating a graduation rate of 89.2 percent.

Hillsborough County Public Schools is celebrating an achievement even amid a pandemic, with a graduation rate of 89.2 percent. This number represents the highest graduation rate in the district’s history, capping off two consecutive years of graduation gains during one of the most tumultuous times in our educational system.

The majority of high schools demonstrated tremendous accomplishments throughout this past school year due to the ongoing commitment from school-based leaders, teachers, counselors, and support professionals. Highlights include:

Spoto High School has, for the first time in its history, reached a 92.1 percent graduation rate. This represents a 7.2 percentage point year-to-year increase, the largest improvement in the district.

Armwood High School demonstrated a 5.5 percentage point year-to-year increase with an 87.9 percent graduation rate.

Newsome High School once again has the distinction of the highest graduation rate in our district at 98.9 percent, an increase again from last year.

“I am so excited for our community and our organization for obtaining the highest graduation rate in district history. This is in direct correlation to the hard work and dedication exhibited by our students, caregivers, teachers, school leaders, school counselors, support professionals and district staff. We will continue to work tirelessly to prepare full option graduates that can have an immediate impact on our community,” said Hillsborough County Public Schools Superintendent Addison Davis.

Hillsborough County Public Schools continue to narrow the achievement gap in key areas, including:

African American students had a 1.9 percentage point increase in graduation rates, rising almost 10 percentage points in the last five years.

Hispanic learners achieved a 7.4 percentage point increase over the last five years.

Students with disabilities have steadily increased their graduation rates 16.6 percentage points over the last five years.

Economically disadvantaged students illustrated impressive gains, with a 3.9 percentage point year-over-year jump—9 percentage points over five years.

To learn more, visit www.hillsboroughschools.org.

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