Some devices disposed of at last year’s Shred Fest.

Hillsborough County Consumer & Veterans Services is hosting Shred Fest 2022, a free event that offers residents an opportunity to safely dispose of obsolete documents and electronic devices that contain personal information.

The event is set for 9 to 11 a.m. on Saturday, March 5 at Veterans Memorial Park, located at 3602 U.S. Hwy. 301 N. in Tampa. The event also offers free consumer education and protection services on-site as it kicks off National Consumer Protection Week, which runs from Sunday, March 6 through Saturday, March 12.

Examples of items that can be safely shredded at Shred Fest 2022 include:

• Old bank documents
• Obsolete bills and receipts
• Old medical records containing personal information
• Expired home and car insurance policies
• Junk mail such as credit card offers with personal information
• Old travel documents, including boarding passes
• Sticky or other notes containing passwords

Shred Fest 2022 will also offer the shredding of electronic devices, or ‘e-shredding.’

Electronic devices that can be securely disposed at Shred Fest 2022 include:

• Desktops
• Laptops
• Cellphones
• Circuit boards
• Game consoles
• Hard drives
• Printers
• Tablets

No commercial shredding will be permitted at the event. Shred Fest 2022 is a free drive-through event, and attendees are encouraged to remain in their vehicles. Document shredding at Shred Fest 2022 will be limited to three copy-paper-size boxes or three kitchen-sized trash bag containers per vehicle. White or clear bags are preferred.

For more information on Hillsborough County’s Consumer & Veterans Services, call 635-8316 or visit

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