Hillsborough County Aging Services clients enjoying their time at the Parking Lot Bingo and Black Heritage Month celebration event, which occurred on February 25 at the Hillsborough County Aging Services Brandon Senior Center.

The harmonious sound of a violin resonated outside the Hillsborough County Aging Services Brandon Senior Center during its Parking Lot Bingo and celebration of Black Heritage Month, which occurred on February 25. More than 60 Hillsborough County Aging Services clients had the opportunity to hear Tampa violinist Omari Dillard perform a concert on the premises there as well as participate in bingo, line dancing and a fashion show, all related to the Black Heritage Month theme.

Frances Duran Brea, general manager of Hillsborough County Department of Aging Services, stated what the overall goal of the Parking Lot Bingo events is: “To keep our clients and older adults active and engaged because we know how significant social isolation is among seniors.”

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020, the Hillsborough County Aging Services senior centers closed, and adjustments had to be made so that the older adults and clients could still be served. With months of planning, some outdoor activities such as the Parking Lot Bingo came into fruition. The first Parking Lot Bingo event was held in September 2020. Since then, this specific themed event would continue each month unless the COVID-19 rates were high.

Daphne Fields, a Hillsborough County Aging Services client, shared her thoughts about this Parking Lot Bingo event that she attended: “It was a happy occasion for me that made my day as I did participate in bingo. The Hillsborough County Aging Services does a very good job looking out after us as seniors.”

The Hillsborough County Aging Services offers a variety of services designed to enhance the lives of older adults ages 50 and over. These services include active adult programming, referral services and in-home services to hot meals. For those who qualify and meet the criteria, it provides door-to-door transportation with Sunshine Line.

“I am grateful for all that the Hillsborough County Aging Services does, especially with transportation through Sunshine Line,” Fields said.

For more information, visit www.hillsboroughcounty.org/en/government/departments/aging or call 813-272-5250.

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