Cruce Pest Management’s truck at work helping residents fight termites.

Cruce Pest Management, located in Riverview off U.S. 301 and Big Bend Rd., offers both prevention and treatment services for southern Hillsborough County as termite season looms over Florida residents. Termites plague Floridian’s homes each year, especially since Florida is prone to hot and wet weather almost year-round.

“I wanted to be able to provide a good service at a fair price and make a fair living. I worked for larger companies and all they were about were the numbers. I’m not really a numbers person, I’m more a people person,” said Robin Cruce, owner of Cruce Pest Management.

In colder states, residents get a break from the wood-eating insects as they are not as active in colder, dryer months. Cruce urges Hillsborough County residents to take proactive steps in preventing termites from destroying their homes.

Cruce’s main tip is to take care of moisture around the house, especially in bathrooms, kitchens and around air conditioning units. Termites are attracted to moisture in the house and these areas, while not solely wood, typically use wood to support structures, like showers. Residents should also ensure grout is in good condition and not allow any unwanted water to sit in the house.

Cruce said that homeowners, especially those living in houses 10 years and older, should take a walk around the outside of their houses to make sure there is good airflow that can dry the sides of the house. This means keeping bushes and plants from growing tightly along the house.

Houses usually have a pretreatment to deter termites when built, but this treatment lasts less than five years. Cruce Pest Management offers treatment and an insurance plan for customers looking to protect their home from termites since common homeowners insurances do not cover termite damage.

Cruce Pest Management opened in May of 2016, so Cruce and her three employees are looking forward to their six-year anniversary.

“We love this area [and] love working here,” said Cruce. “Every day is an adventure.”

For more information on termites, Cruce recommends visiting the Department of Agriculture’s website at For more information on Cruce Pest Management, call 813-915-5973.

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