Laura DiSalvo recently launched a new health product, elderberry sea moss.

Valrico resident and mom of two little girls, Laura DiSalvo believes in the health benefits of elderberries so much that she started a business, Laura’s Elderberry LLC, and created a line of organic elderberry syrups and gummies.

“I have a degree in biology and a master’s in biotechnology business management,” DiSalvo said. “In the beginning of my working years, before I stopped to stay at home with my girls, I worked in a military lab working on various contracts.”

But she has been making elderberry syrup and gummies for over four years now after trying the store-bought ones from different stores.

“We were hooked on elderberries, but the price for such a small bottle for all of us and how thick it was, I found myself looking for other options,” she explained.

But rather than just finding elderberry products, she decided to make her own, and Laura’s Elderberry was born.

Now DiSalvo has launched a new product, elderberry sea moss.

“I actually had a customer and friend of mine who educated me on sea moss for quite a while now,” DiSalvo said. “I was very hesitant honestly, it was something I could not even think about taking, as the name alone does not sound appealing. I was having very low energy from early thyroid issues and again this customer of mine kept telling me to just try it. So, I found a company who shipped it to me, and I really enjoyed it. I decided to go headfirst on how I can share this amazing and delicious superfood to my own customers.”

The human body is made up of 102 minerals and Irish moss contains a staggering 92 of them. Being a potent source of potassium chloride, this sea moss gel can soothe inflammation and dissolve the buildup of mucus and phlegm. It also contains antiviral and antimicrobial compounds that help the body fight off infection, thus boosting the immune system.

“Other really important benefits to highlight is among the reasons why I even started taking it personally: skin and hair health,” DiSalvo said, “because the amino acids within sea moss increases collagen production and skin elasticity, which in turn may create thicker, longer hair. In my case, it helped my hair significantly.” Other health benefits include increased energy levels, gut health and general wellness.

If you would like to try DiSalvo’s elderberry syrup or sea moss, visit

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