You can take a stroll about downtown Plant City, and as you do, you will come across delightful, lifelike sculptures, such as Ambassador of the Streets at the east end of McCall Park and Latte? in Unity Park on Collins St. The sculptures were brought to Plant City courtesy of the Arts Council of Plant City.

The Arts Council of Plant City has once again brought delightful life-size sculptures to Plant City’s historic downtown. The sculptures were created by artist J. Seward Johnson. The sculptures are displayed throughout the downtown area.

Johnson creates trompe l’oeil painted bronze statues which are castings of live people depicting them engaged in everyday tasks. There are seven statues on display. Bake Sale is located on Palmer St. at the Robert W. Willaford Railroad Museum. Body Music is located at the intersection of Palmer St. and E. Reynolds St. Ambassador of the Streets is located on the east end of McCall Park. Keep Life in Balance is located in McCall Park on Collins St. Relish, Too? is located at Roots Cellar on Collins St. Latte? is located in Unity Park on Collins St. Finally, Captured is located at Village Green Park on Evers St.

Taking a stroll through downtown locating the statues is a fun way to spend some time outside and get to see both the delightful downtown and the beautifully created statues. They are so lifelike that you may need to take a double take to make sure you are looking at a statue and not a live person.

Marsha Passmore, president of the Arts Council of Plant City, said, “The eight sculptures were handpicked. They are special because this set has never been displayed before in Plant City.” Passmore added, “This is the eighth year that the Arts Council of Plant City has hosted the Seward Johnson sculptures as an open-air outside exhibit.”

In addition to bringing the Johnson sculptures to Plant City, the Arts Council of Plant City offers scholarships to graduating high school seniors, sponsors the PTSA Reflections Art Exhibit and supports local nonprofits.

The mission of the Arts Council of Plant City is to bring arts to the Plant City community, promote education in the arts and develop artists and arts programs. The Arts Council of Plant City is funded by membership fees and fundraisers, such as its annual Chili Fest.

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