Ryan Kittleson, a fourth grade student at Bevis Elementary School in Lithia, recently participated in the Fine Arts Festival at FishHawk Creek Elementary. Ryan is shown here with his art teacher and the principal at Bevis Elementary School.

Select students in Hillsborough County Public Schools had an opportunity to showcase their artwork recently. Students in fourth and fifth grade from area schools, including Bevis Elementary, participated in the Fine Arts Festival held at FishHawk Creek Elementary School on March 5.

One local student whose artwork was on exhibit was Ryan Kittleson, a fourth grade student at Bevis Elementary School. Ryan is in Mrs. Dasta’s homeroom. Mrs. Fernandez is Ryan’s art teacher.

Ryan created an image of his hand using a method known as Zentangle design. He used drawing paper, Sharpie markers and special art markers.

Ryan said of the inspiration for his design, “I like a lot of different patterns and green is one of my favorite colors. I added the space border because I thought it looked cool.”

Ryan added, “I like art because it is fun, and you get to draw a bunch of neat things.”

Ryan’s mom, Karen Kittleson, said, “The Fine Arts Festival was great. There were some amazing pieces of art on display. This was the first time Ryan participated in the event.”

In addition to the art, the attendees enjoyed a delightful music program.

The students’ works that were selected were featured in the festival and online through a service known as Artome. It is the premier organizer of full-service school art shows. It believes that displaying and celebrating student artwork is fundamental to art education and operates both virtual art shows as well as on-site events.

Artome frames a work of art for every student in a school. It also provides gallery displays so children, parents and administrators can view and share their artwork in an organized way. Its experienced art show professionals set up and break down the on-site shows and make sure everyone’s experience is extraordinary.

Parents were able to view the artwork online and make purchases. Funds raised from the purchase of the artwork went toward the Hillsborough County Arts Program.

Karen noted that art in schools has value, as does displaying their art in public.

She said, “It offers creative students an outlet to show their successes to the community. It is absolutely incredible to see what these kids are capable of.”

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