Russ Diamond with his McHenry Metals golf bag.

By Sara Battaglia

Local investors Sean Klotz, and Russ Diamond, business partners at 1 Stop Golf Shop, among several other Valrico residents, saw an opportunity in McHenry Metals.

“I invested in McHenry Metals when I learned of the very rich history of the club and its founder,” said Diamond.

Klotz invested in McHenry Metals because it is an affordable option for golfers from entry-level to professional. He said the drivers are affordable, high-quality and have a rich history.

McHenry Metals began with its founder, Gary Adams, the “father of the metal wood” golf club. Adams was a notable salesman and inventor, transitioning wooden golf clubs to metal drivers. In addition, his legacy also includes founding TaylorMade Golf and Founders Club.

Diamond said, “I have been playing golf for over 50 years. When I was a kid, we were fortunate to live across the street from a golf course in central Illinois.”

McHenry Metals clubs were once ranked the no. 1 drivers on the Senior PGA Tour and played a part in 16 professional titles, and 1 Stop Golf Shop said they have a club that is right for everyone. The clubs are for sale at 1 Stop Golf Shop as well as online at Rock Bottom Golf. Klotz and Diamond said they are in the process of redesigning current clubs and developing new clubs. In addition to selling McHenry Metals clubs, 1 Stop Golf Shop offers golf lessons, fittings, repairs and a variety of golf gear.

Klotz said, “The youngest I have had in here for lessons is age 4, but depending on the maturity of the child, we teach lessons to all ages, starting at 7 to 100.”

1 Stop Golf Shop opened in July 2020 amid the pandemic. Klotz added that there are more new golfers now than ever due to COVID-19 changing work schedules. The shop is a minority and veteran-owned business and is a member of the Valrico FishHawk Chamber of Commerce.

For more information, visit 1 Stop Golf Shop at 3321 Lithia Pinecrest Rd. in Valrico or call 813-655-0355.

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