Nancy Jacobs is running for Hillsborough County Circuit Court in Group 37. Jacobs is a seasoned attorney who has the life experience, legal experience and integrity to serve as a circuit court judge. She will faithfully adhere to the Constitution and serve all residents of Hillsborough County.

Jacobs said, “I believe the Constitution is for everyone. I want people who come before me in court to know that I heard them, listened to them and applied the law fairly.” Jacobs added, “A judge must leave their biases at the door. It does not matter what you think. Only the facts, the law and the Constitution matter when rendering a decision. Everyone needs to be heard and have their day in court.”

Jacobs added, “A judge must uphold the Constitution. It does not matter what you look like, and even if we do not agree, I will apply the law to the facts and give everyone a fair shot. You may not like the outcome, but you can be sure that you received a fair shot. I will not prejudge. I will listen and apply the law.”

Jacobs worked as an assistant state attorney from 1985 to the end of 1992. She opened her own practice in 1993 where she specializes in criminal defense, family law and estate planning. In addition to serving her clients, Jacobs performs hundreds of hours of pro bono work each year. Her pro bono work focuses on military personnel and veterans. Jacobs has been recognized by the Supreme Court of the State of Florida for her extensive pro bono work.

Jacobs also volunteers her time for various organizations, such as Girl Scouts and youth sports, and she is an advocate for animal rights and has several rescue dogs.

Jacobs said, “A judge must have experience, integrity, honesty and life and legal experience. A judge should also be committed and continue to do community service. It is important to be involved in the community.”

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