Stacy Hahn, Ph.D. is a lifelong educator and has been a Hillsborough County School Board member since 2018. Her career spans three decades with positions at every level of the K-20 spectrum, including: school board member, public school teacher, student advocate, grant facilitator, program coordinator, educational researcher and university professor.  

As a school board member, Stacy advocates for equitable access to high-quality early childhood education, literacy, career and technical opportunities, as well as strong financial oversight and operational accountability. She has been instrumental in initiatives supporting literacy, STEM, fiscal transparency, creating multiple pathways to graduation and community partnership. Additionally, Stacy is an advocate for services and programs that address early intervention, food insecurities, ESE services, mental health programs, wraparound health services, community schools and teacher professional development.

Stacy earned a Ph.D. in early childhood special education and research from the University of Florida. She has published numerous professional articles and presented at various national and international education conferences. Stacy has a passion for education and understands the effect quality schools have on our community. She continues to follow a path that will have a positive impact on the education system and the lives of children.

Stacy lives in Tampa with her husband, Jeff Hahn; their three children, Ethan, Jackson and Aidan; and their dog, Murphy. She enjoys local sporting events, gardening and reading a good book.


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