Chef Scot Hill and his pups Lily Lou and Layla Mae created Woof Creek Nutritious Nature. Hill could not have created his delicious dog treats and meal toppers without the help of Lily Lou and Layla Mae.

While the pandemic brought on layoffs and struggles for many; some people like Chef Scot Hill used their talents to pursue other dreams. In 2020, Hill and his wife, Lisa, had to close their newly opened restaurant in downtown Tampa. Craving to share his culinary creativity, Hill turned to his recently adopted pooch, Lily Lou, for help in creating tasty and nutritious treats for dogs.

Hill thought all dogs deserve the boost in vitality, energy, health and fabulous flavor that his Lily Lou was devouring and thus Woof Creek Nutritious Nature kicked off, featuring all-natural, holistically focused treats and meal toppers for dogs, all created by Hill and taste-tested by Lily Lou, affectionately known as Chef’s Muse.

Products available include meal toppers for joint care to lessen stress and boost immunity, dog treats made with antioxidants like blueberries and balms for dogs’ paws and noses.

“We aim to add more healthy, tail-wagging years with irresistible, holistic, natural, whole-food, preventative nutrients,” explained Hill.

Hill, a certified advanced canine nutrition specialist, sources exotic and essential ingredients that are both pivotal for dogs’ ailments and their whole health, as well as extremely enticing. According to Hill, such selectively sourced ingredients have been reported to fight cancers, arthritis, allergies and more.

He added that the essential nutrient powder meal toppers are the most popular for real prevention and remedy. “They often replace synthetic (and expensive) medicines and prescription dog foods,” he explained.

Future plans include adding more nutritional toppers, such as one to help dogs with gut issues. Hill will continue to research issues that clean, whole-food ingredients can address and solve, in keeping with his mission “to nourish the mind, body and spirit of Lily Lou and her fellow puppy peers.”

“My deep dive into canine nutrition and this venture has me fully committed, all in,” said Hill, “And I love it.”

Woof Creek Nutritious Nature can be found at open-air farmers markets, like Hyde Park on the first Sunday of the month, Armature Works on the second Sunday and second Wednesday nights of the month and Lakeland Downtown Farmers Curb Market every Saturday.

The company’s website ( and blog offers a plethora of information about dog nutrition and the benefits of ingredients such as flaxseed and apples, plus recipes to try at home.

Check out its social media pages and contact via email at

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