Austin Moore completed his Eagle Scout project with St. Andrew’s United Methodist Church.

Riverview High School senior Austin Moore earned all 139 merit badges available to Boy Scouts this summer after making it his goal to do so before his birthday.

The Troop 11 Eagle Scout became one of less than 500 scouts to earn all 139 merit badges. He also participated in the World Jamboree, which came to the U.S. in 2019, and completed all four adventure camps, earning him the Grand Slam Adventure Award.

“After my first two merit badges [in 2016], … I fell in love with the idea of learning of fields and hobbies that I otherwise wouldn’t come across in daily life,” said Austin.

For his Eagle Project, Austin built a Little Lending Library at St. Andrew’s United Methodist Church after being inspired by a news segment on Little Lending Library founder Todd Bol.

“And after having read so many merit badge pamphlets, I remembered how important reading was to the education and development of young minds,” explained Austin.

Austin’s neighbors and friends, David and Lynne Mergen, played an important role in helping him complete his merit badges, encouraging him throughout his journey and assisting him with woodworking projects.

The Troop 11 Eagle Scout said the biggest challenge was overcoming his own doubts after he made it his goal to get every badge. Along the way, Austin had the opportunity to learn about things he truly enjoyed and some areas he had no experience or interest in.

Austin’s favorite badge was the first one he earned as a Scout in May 2016, the Veterinary Medicine Merit Badge. This badge helped him realize he wanted to pursue veterinary medicine as a career. He began volunteering at Boyette Animal Hospital to get hands-on experience and will earn the Veterinary Assisting Certificate at the end of his senior year.

“His dad and I are so proud he embraced the opportunities BSA offered.  It allowed him to participate so many different activities and experiences. By putting himself out in the world he gained confidence and reliance in himself,” said mother Eleanor Moore.

Austin, alongside his fellow Boy Scouts, will be recognized in the Eagle Court of Honor ceremony at St. Andrews United Methodist Church on Saturday, November 5.

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