SmileLYNN Pediatric Dentistry offers a comfortable and transparent experience for its pediatric patients.

SmileLYNN Pediatric Dentistry in Apollo Beach has been a dedicated supporter of the Fishhawk Spartans since Dr. Casey Lynn started his practice in 2018. In addition to being a board member, Dr. Lynn and his team donate to the Spartans to give back to the community and foster a love for the sport he grew up playing.

“My goal was to pick an organization that I aligned with when I opened to give back, and a youth football program was the perfect fit,” said Dr. Lynn about his decision to sponsor the Spartans. “… The fact that the Spartans provide scholarships for those that could not traditionally afford to play was a big deciding factor in my involvement.”

Dr. Lynn grew up playing sports and saw the benefits of learning discipline, communication and hard work through his time playing football. As a pediatric dentist, he wanted to give back to his community and the families he serves. Sponsoring the Spartans allowed his to do this while supporting the sport that taught his important life skills.

“As a sponsor, I donate all of the football players mouthguards each year. Obviously, as a pediatric dentist, I care about teeth,” said Dr. Lynn. “… I want to make sure our kids have a safe season each year. Our office also donates $1 for every fluoride varnish we place in the office to support the program.”

In addition to supporting the Spartans, Dr. Lynn and his team of 12 employees are dedicated to providing calm and welcoming experience for his patients. SmileLYNN Dentistry books longer appointment times than needed to ensure it has plenty of time to treat and answer questions. Parents are also allowed in the back with their child during all routine visits and restorative care so they are involved in their child’s appointment and treatments.

“We pride ourselves on doing pediatric dentistry differently. I wanted to have an office that was focused on patients/parents’ experiences rather than focus on seeing as many patients as possible throughout the day,” said Dr. Lynn. “It really makes a difference in the quality of the care we can provide.”

For more information on SmileLYNN or to request an appointment at the Apollo Beach pediatric dental office, visit or call the office at 813-692-5645.

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