Experience the most insane monster trucks on earth in the Monster Truckz Chaos Tour on Saturday and Sunday, November 26-27 at East Bay Raceway.

Prepare to have your mind blown away at the biggest, maddest and wildest event you will ever witness. This adrenaline-filled show features the most massive Monster Truckz destroying cars, flying over mind-boggling jumps and pushing drivers and trucks to the brink of destruction. The Extreme Motocross Team will amaze and astonish as they soar 80 feet above your head doing things that shouldn’t be possible.

The Monster Truckz Chaos Tour is coming to the East Bay Raceway Park, located at 6311 Burts Rd. in Riverview, on Saturday and Sunday, November 26 and 27.

Witness extreme, freestyle motocross, including right-side-up, sideways and even upside-down feats you never thought possible and the most thrilling and exciting tricks on two wheels. The Extreme Motocross Team will amaze and astonish as they soar 75 feet in distance and 35 feet above your head doing things that shouldn’t be possible.

Monster Truckz drivers will be pushing their trucks to do things that shouldn’t be possible, like big air, the two-wheel skill challenge, truck races and of course Monster Truckz Freestyle. Don’t miss Captain Chaos. Watch the captain drive his cars like a madman while crashing, destroying and hitting the wall of death.

For the first time on planet Earth, see a man fired from a Monster Truck Cannon. Was man meant to fly? Hopefully this guy is.

Come see Gold Digger, Ballistic, Avalanche, Country Boy and others take their Monster Truckz to the extreme.

Monster trucks are typically about 12 feet wide by 12 feet high and can weigh up to 15,000 pounds with speeds up to 100 mph. All monster trucks are equipped with three shut-off switches: the RII (Remote Ignition Interrupt), one within the driver’s reach in the cab and another at the rear of the truck so that all electrical power may be shut off in the event of a rollover. Drivers are required to wear fire suits, safety harnesses, helmets and head and neck restraints.

Don’t miss the most insane trucks on Earth. There is even a Monster Truckz Tour Pit Party available. Ride in a monster truck, get up close to your favorite monster truck, get personal autographs and take pictures with the stars of Monster Truckz. Doors open and the pit party starts two hours prior to event times.

Seating is first come, first serve, so be sure to arrive early for the best seats and to experience the pit party and the kids’ fun zone.

For show and ticket purchasing information, visit www.monstertruckz.com.

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