Avaryana Rose stars in Showtown American Pictures’ newest film, Bitter Souls, and is excited to share the film with everyone.

Since making movies in the community, local film production company Showtown American Pictures has stumbled across the next big star, Avaryana Rose, a young actor, model and entrepreneur who also works to make a difference in the world.

Rose has worked with Showtown American Pictures before in The Beast Comes at Midnight and will be working with them again on its new film, Bitter Souls, a classic-style horror movie.

“The Showtown American Pictures family is elated to be working with the talented young actress Avaryana Rose on our Southern Gothic Voodoo feature, Bitter Souls,” said Ed McKeever, executive producer at Showtown American Pictures, “Avaryana is a phenomenal actress with a tremendously supportive fanbase who cannot wait to see her in a good, old-fashioned Central Florida monster movie. Her fans have been blowing up our message box since announcing.”

Rose said she never really planned on becoming an actor, but after working on her first project, she fell in love. By acting, she has learned to come out of her shell and find new ways to express herself so she can discover who she is.

Not only is Rose a talented actor, but she has also become an activist, most importantly against bullying. Rose said because she has been bullied since she was young, she feels a strong pull to speak for those who have been victims of bullying as well.

Rose started her company, B.A.B.E., Badass Babe Empire, as a way to express her feelings against bullying. At first, it was just an awareness social platform and has since turned into an online shop where she sells things like T-shirts and hats to raise awareness about bullying.

“I created Babes Against Bullying to fight back against bullying and to spread awareness about just how bad models like me, male and female, are cyberbullied,” said Rose. “That led to the creation of my brand, B.A.B.E., where I sell merch with the intention of further spreading awareness.”

For more information, please contact McKeever at 609-2410-5471.

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