Dr. Jomo Cousins, pastor at Love First Christian center in Riverview, has just released his sixth book, How to Hear God.

Dr. Jomo Cousins, founder and pastor at Love First Christian Center, has just released a new book titled How to Hear God. Dr. Cousins is a retired NFL defensive end for the New York Giants and the Arizona Cardinals and has become an active leader in the Southern Hillsborough community, providing outreach programs, seminars, various life groups and youth partnership programs.

How To Hear God is Dr. Cousins’ sixth book and is appropriately titled after a personal experience with God.

“I had an encounter with God, and I realized He was real and wanted to talk with me,” said Dr. Cousins. “And that made me wonder how many other people would like to hear from God.” Dr. Cousins goes on to explain that God wants to speak to all of His children directly.

The book gives readers an easy-to-follow blueprint on tuning into the voice of God. The book explains that God wants to communicate with us as He did with Adam in the Garden of Eden. It asks the readers to examine real-life questions, such as: “If God had some information that could change your life for the better, would you want it? If God had answers to questions, you needed answered, would you want it?”

Dr. Cousins’ other books include Prayer Life: The Conversation, The ABC’s of Success, Fully Equipped: God’s Total Package, Watch Your Mouth: The Workbook and 60 Prayers in 60 Seconds: Strictly Business. Through his books, Dr. Cousins remains committed to the growth and development of God’s kingdom and His people.

According to Dr. Cousins, Love First Christian Center is also in full construction mode. The church has more than 1,700 in-person weekly churchgoers as well as 1,500 people that watch from home. With the numbers on the rise after the pandemic, Love First is ready to accommodate its growing numbers. “God is continuing to do great things,” said Dr. Cousins.

Love First Christian Center is located at 12847 Balm Riverview Rd. in Riverview. For more information about the church, visit www.lfcc.tv or call 813-671-2009. Dr. Cousins can be heard on his weekly radio programming, including podcasts and social media outlets. For more information or to purchase Dr. Cousins’ books, visit www.jomocousins.com or www.amazon.com.

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