Jesse Dinkins designed and constructed a new pig house for HorsePower for Kids.

Bloomingdale High School student Jesse Dinkins completed his Eagle Scout project for Troop 665 to help HorsePower for Kids. For his project, Dinkins designed and constructed a new pig house for the organization, as it was in need of a new shelter for one of their animals.

Dinkins’ mother, Ilona Blake, found the Tampa nonprofit organization on Facebook and visited HorsePower for Kids with Dinkins. They found a need for the new pig house after employees explained that two pigs could no longer share the existing pig house.

“I just love animals in general, so I kind of wanted to do something that involved animals for my Eagle project,” explained Dinkins.

In April, the 17-year-old began planning the pig house. The biggest challenge, he said, was the design process and obtaining the necessary materials before they could begin construction. When the pig house was completed, Dinkins had around $200 left in his budget for the project, so he was able to donate the leftover funds to the organization.

Dinkins stated that his seven years of being a Boy Scout in Troop 665, based in Lithia, has taught him better time and financial management. Both of these improved skills were showcased in the process of completing his Eagle Scout project. Dinkins was assisted by Eagle Scout Sam Bristow in the actual construction process.

“To be a Boy Scout is to kind of fend for yourself but also learn about the outdoors, to learn about yourself and to be friends with others,” said Dinkins.

After completing the project on November 12, Dinkins delivered the pig house to HorsePower for Kids. He was given the opportunity to meet and shake hands with HorsePower for Kids’ owner, Armando Gort.

“Jesse has come a long way to become an Eagle Scout. It took a lot of dedication, leadership training and hard work to get to this point,” said Blake. “Jesse is looking to continue to be a part of Scouting as a junior leader after he finishes his journey to be an Eagle Scout.”

HorsePower for Kids is a nonprofit organization that serves as an animal sanctuary for abandoned animals in need. For more information on the organization, visit

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