Newsome and Bloomingdale high schools’ football teams had 11 total students named to the First Team of the All-Conference Federal Division at the end of November, following the 2022 high school football season. Newsome High School had eight of its athletes named to the team and Bloomingdale had three athletes that made the team.

“Athletes are nominated by their head coach. Then all of the coaches in the Federal Division will vote for each position group,” explained Newsome coach Christian Yockey.

Senior Tyler Curry from Newsome made the First Team for the first time this year after rebounding from major shoulder surgery ahead of the 2022 season. The linebacker had 82 tackles and one sack.

Junior defensive lineman Eli Hiscock also was selected to the team for the first time with 39 tackles and two sacks.

Safety Tristan Mitchum was selected to the All-Conference team for the first time and started as Newsome’s safety for the first time this year. He led the Federal Division with six interceptions.

D.J. Page made the First Team this year after his first season playing football. He made 27 out of 30 points after touchdown, with his longest field goal coming in at 34 yards.

Senior running back and kick returner J.C. Roque made the First Team for the second time and was described as one of Newsome’s most dynamic athletes by Yockey.

Jesse Jefferson was described as Newsome’s best offensive lineman this year and was selected for the All-Conference team for the second time in his three years playing football.

Junior Dwayne Bain was the seventh Newsome player selected to the First Team and was described as a versatile offensive player.

“Most of the kids that were selected to the First Team All-Conference team are very self-motivated. They are the guys that we depend on to lead our group. My biggest thing that I try to preach to these kids is to set an example,” said Yockey.

Bloomingdale’s three athletes included wide receiver Jameer Grimsley, who played in 10 games with two carries and 17 total yards in his first season on Bloomingdale’s varsity team.

Senior offensive guard Isaiah Lowery made four solo tackles in his second year on Bloomingdale’s varsity squad.

Defensive back Christian Barnett was the last athlete to make the First Team from Bloomingdale in his senior season on the varsity team.

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