Bloomingdale High School students and staff enjoyed some time sightseeing while in London. (Photo courtesy of Dr. Marcos Rodriguez.)

In December of 2022, more than 200 students, staff and chaperones representing Bloomingdale High School’s chorus, orchestra and marching band traveled to London for a weeklong trip.

Along with some sightseeing, Bloomingdale’s chorus and orchestra spent time around London performing in cathedrals, while the marching band was given the opportunity to perform in London’s annual New Year’s Day Parade.

“I enjoyed being able to march past historic landmarks such as Big Ben and parliament,” said Thomas Owen. “The experience was like no other.”

The school’s music department spent many strenuous days practicing, perfecting and performing in order to feel prepared for the trip to London. Bloomingdale’s music department was determined to make the community and state of Florida proud of its accomplishments.

Bloomingdale High’s music department head and band director, Jon Sever, has been taking the music students abroad since 2011 and was excited to return to the school’s original international trip to London.

“The trip was a huge success, and the band was well-received by the people of London,” said Sever. “They were able to experience the history and culture for a week that offered a lifetime of memories.”

During the weeklong trip, students, staff and chaperones were able to spend time learning about the culture and history of London.

“My favorite part of the trip was getting to experience the culture of London with my friends,” said Elsie Owen, a freshman band student at Bloomingdale High School.

London’s New Year’s Parade has taken place every year since the late 1980s with over 10,000 people contributing to make it a success. Each year, the London New Year’s Parade invites bands and cheerleaders from all over the world to take part in wishing the world a happy new year. As part of the weeklong trip, London invites groups from the USA to perform concerts all week at some of the most iconic venues.

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