The members of the GFWC Brandon Service League invite high school seniors who are attending college or university in the fall and adult women who need to seek training or education to apply for one of its three $1,000 scholarships being offered this year.

The Greater Federation of Women’s Club (GFWC) Brandon Service League (BSL) is seeking applications for their Annual Scholarships. BSL offers two scholarships for high school seniors who are attending college or university in the fall. Applications are due no later than Friday, April 21.

BSL started the scholarship program in 1996 with one scholarship.

Judy Darsey, scholarship chairman, said, “While the program has changed over the years, we work hard to keep the program funded. We encourage students in the Greater Brandon area to check out the offerings we have this year.”

High school seniors who attend a Brandon-area school may get additional information from their career guidance counselors. If you attend a charter, private or church school, email Darsey at for information and an application.

Darsey said, “We know that education is expensive, and we want to help in a small way with your college fees.”

Darsey added, “While our emphasis for the scholarship remains with a focus on students who want to pursue a degree in education and the arts, we are opening both scholarships for other majors.”

The $1,000 scholarships are intended as a contribution to tuition, fees or academic course materials. Your application must include, among other information, three letters of reference and a personal essay.

The two scholarships for high school seniors are the Reynolds and Claire Bryan Scholarship and the GFWC BSL Education Scholarship. The first is named after a past president and her husband for their numerous contributions to the club. This has traditionally been geared toward a student who plans to pursue a degree in the arts. The second one is for seniors who want to pursue a degree in education.

BSL also offers a scholarship geared toward the adult woman called the Renaissance Woman Scholarship. This is for the adult woman who, due to life or family changes, find themselves in need of further training or education. The woman must be attending a technical school, community college or other accredited institution of higher education.

Darsey said, “Since its inception, GFWC have been in the business of identifying the needs of the local community and then working to meet those needs through community service projects. We, the members of BSL, have upheld these goals. We feel there is a great need to help students through the scholarship program.”

For more information, please email Darsey at

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