When you become a patient with Greenbrook Medical, you become a part of the family and can expect personalized care.

Do you find the doctor’s office cold, unfriendly and missing that old-school connection? One doctor’s office in the Tampa area is trying to keep seniors from dreading the doctor as modern medical care becomes more robotic.

Greenbrook Medica is a family-run primary care group that has been serving seniors in Tampa Bay since 1991 and wants to give patients that comforting, old-school care.

Greenbrook Medical was started by Dr. Prakash Machhar and his wife, Paresha Machhar, over 30 years ago and has now been expanded by their sons, Dr. Raj Machhar and Neil Machhar. Seeing the need for a comforting doctor office experience, Dr. Raj and Neil have grown Greenbrook Medical into four locations in the area, Riverview, Seffner, Hudson and New Port Richey.

Greenbrook Medical focuses exclusively on senior care, and the team specializes in treating senior health concerns like diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, COPD, lung disorders, high cholesterol and more. Not only will Greenbrook Medical offer quality service to patients while in the office, but it will also go above and beyond for their clients all the time. Greenbrook Medical can help refer specialists, make sure you have reliable transportation to the office and more.

“Raj and I were raised in the clinic, and we saw first-hand how important it is to have a great relationship between a doctor and their patients,” said Neil, CEO of Greenbrook Medical. “We’ve also seen seniors lose that over time as health care becomes more corporate.”

The Machhar family wants to bring back the neighborhood doctor experience but keep the conveniences and services of a modern health care center. By scheduling only 10-15 patients a day, Greenbrook Medical is able to offer an experience that many offices cannot. Instead of being rushed through your appointment, those at the office want to give the time and attention you deserve.

“With us there are no more machines, when you call you reach our staff right away and you’re greeted with a warm welcome,” said Neil. “When you visit the clinic, you see the same team every time and your doctor on every visit.”

Dr. Prakash built an amazing reputation, delivering outstanding care for patients with that old-school feel, and respect for his clients and Dr. Raj and Neil are proud to continue the legacy.

To learn more, view services and schedule an appointment, please visit https://greenbrookmedical.com/.

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