Purchase tickets now for Impact’s Got Talent to support Impact and its efforts to instill healthy habits and lifestyle choices in our future leaders.

Join Impact at Bloomingdale High School for the seventh annual Impact’s Got Talent and support the efforts of teaching healthy habits to teens.

On Friday, April 28 at 6:30 p.m. at Bloomingdale High School, kindergarteners through high school seniors will be performing their talents and competing for a grand prize of $250. Enjoy the best vocalists, actors, dancers, musicians and more.

With amazing talent, special-guest judges, audience-choice votes, concessions, 50-50 raffles and silent-auction prizes, Impact’s Got Talent is going to be a night of fun.

All ticket sales will benefit the Impact Program and its continued efforts to inspire parents, leaders and teens to fight for a healthy lifestyle. Tickets are $10 per person and are available for purchase online.

“This is a great opportunity for students in our community to get involved while raising funds for the Impact Program,” said Angie Kagey, executive director at Impact.

The Impact Program promotes healthy lifestyles for teens by encouraging parents, teachers and leaders to empower kids so they say no to things like premarital sex, drugs, tobacco and alcohol. The three programs work with different levels of the community to fight unhealthy behaviors and teach smart habits, and they are able to reach over 10,000 kids every year. Impact serves the community through schools, churches and other community organizations.

There are multiple ways you can get involved in Impact and support its mission, such as donating gas cards or bags of hard candy to Impact, helping toward its need of passenger vans used for summer programs, or volunteering as administrative support, an event volunteer or an education specialist. Businesses can also help support Impact through financial or services like printing, media, accounting or legal services.

To learn more, please contact Jennifer Crum at 863-661-3236 or crummiej2@gmail.com or visit www.whatisimpact.com/events. To purchase tickets for watching Impact’s Got Talent, visit https://impactsgottalent2023.eventbrite.com. For students and parents who are seeking help, visit www.whatisimpact.com/resources to find more educational resources.

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