A swimming pool can be a backyard oasis if properly maintained.

One of the great features of owning a home in the Tampa Bay area for many residents is the ability to have year-round use of an installed swimming pool. But what happens after construction of a family aquatic attraction is completed and the pumps, filters and other equipment associated with a pool need to operate smoothly?

If Edge Pools is responsible for maintaining your pool, probably nothing. That’s because Edge Pools does more than clean the sludge and slime that can turn a pristine pool into a cement swamp. Whether it involves routine cleaning and chemical treatment of the water or maintenance and repair of the equipment that keeps it flowing and circulating, Edge Pools has the state-licensed and industry-trained experts to complete a job with the goal of meeting or exceeding customer expectations.

For Eddie Edgerton, who co-owns Edge Pools with his wife, Heidi, servicing pools is a calling that came early in his youth with a job on a pool construction crew, and as he explains on the Edge Pools website, “I loved it the day I started.” Combining enthusiasm for the work with ongoing technical training that ranges from understanding pool chemistry to rebuilding pumps or diving in to repair cracks has enabled the couple to grow their business and envision a future that eventually includes designing and building custom pools. Heidi attributes their success in part to being accountable to their customers.

“We like to be honest, fair. It’s not always about the money,” said Heidi. She added that they get a lot of professional satisfaction by solving problems, some of which keep the job interesting, especially when water and electricity are in close proximity to each other. “We see a lot of crazy stuff,” she said.

One of the things Edge Pools offers is a program to start off a new pool right with an ongoing maintenance program that can keep a new or established pool ready for family fun.

To learn more about services provided by Edge Pools and even get a quote to take care of a pool maintenance or repair need, visit online at https://edgepoolsfl.com/ or the Edge Pools Facebook page. You can also call 813-230-2838 or send an email to edgepoolservice@gmail.com.

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